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Butchers and Meat Processors

If a butcher can improve his stock storage environment he’ll improve meat quality, extend shelf-life, reduce wastage and sell more – adding considerably to his bottom line profit. Coolertech filters deliver these results.

If meat production or retailing is your mainstay then you’ll be aware of the importance of optimizing your coldstore facilities. Coolertech filters will improve your refrigeration system and consequently, stock quality. To understand this, first one needs to recognise how and why meat degrades.

Why meat degrades

The rapid decay of meat is due to its high protein, fat and water content. Unchecked, aerobic spoilage results, usually with slime formation, undesirable odours, flavour taints, and discolouration.
Meats are a 3rd biotic order class of goods in which respiration processes are suspended, but biochemical, microbial and other decomposition processes, still proceed. Due to its high content of unfrozen water, meat also has enzymatic and bacterial activities continuing.
By controlling these processes and activities, you can prolong the life of your meat stock.

Improving the storage environment…

Chilled meat requires Category 7 Storage Climate Conditions (SCC VII) being, particular temperature, humidity and ventilation conditions. Maximum storage life and best meat quality are primarily achieved by maintaining the correct chill temperature and air moisture content.
Ideally, the chill temperature should be between 0-2°C with a relative humidity of 80-85% – conditions which Coolertech filters can help produce.
Storage facilities should have minimal fluctuations from this target temperature because if much higher, the rate of spoiling rapidly increases; and if much lower, cell juices freeze and ice crystals form. Likewise, relative humidity should also be rigorously maintained because lower values result in increased weight losses due to drying out; while higher values increase humidity and bacteria activity.
Coolertech filters release clean moisture in times of low humidity and adsorb excess water vapour and contaminants when the air is too wet. And with bacteria-friendly excess humidity gone, your refrigerator system will maintain its set temperature with far more consistency and ease.
Chilled meat is also highly sensitive to foreign odours, absorbing them rapidly, so removing odours from your cold-store is therefore essential for delivering quality product. Coolertech filters ‘strain’ the air, trapping large odorous particles like a molecular sieve. Coolertech will regularly service and exchange your filters before they become over-loaded.
The net result from using Coolertech filters is a drier, crisper, colder environment, free of odour and perfectly suited to meat preservation.

Lower running costs…

Not only will Coolertech filters improve your stock quality, they’ll significantly reduce your refrigeration power bill and overheads.

Significant electricity savings

Equipment and maintenance savings

  • Reduces compressor run time and defrost cycles – directly resulting in less power consumption
  • Thermostats can be increased whilst maintaining original temperatures
  • Reduces free moisture build-up and icing on grilles and static parts
  • Reduces service costs by lessening machinery workload and runtime
  • Extends equipment lifespan

Improved food quality

Employer and company benefits

  • Maintains better meat surface colour and texture
  • Can be used to demonstrate positive food safety initiatives (HACCP plan)
  • Provides a drier, cleaner, more pleasant work environment for people working in coolers daily
  • Decreases misfortune and costs resulting from slip accidents due to wet and slippery cooler surfaces – can be used to demonstrate positive OSH initiatives

Controlling decay…

The four main controllable factors that adversely affect meat quality are:

  • Contamination during handling
  • Storage temperature
  • Relative humidity of the storage environment
  • pH acidity levels

After cleanliness, keeping meat products cold is the most important requirement in order to achieve maximum shelf-life. At elevated temperatures, autolytic changes accelerate and micro-organisms rapidly proliferate with exterior slime development a definite visual sign of microbial growth.
Unwanted micro-organisms also require moisture, so by reducing the available water below their optimum level, their growth will be stunted. Since most spoiling bacteria are aerobic and can only grow on the surface, keeping meat surfaces free of excess moisture will prolong their fresh state. This can be achieved if meat is stored with a relative humidity level below 90%.

Better stock…

Employing Coolertech filters will help you produce top quality product for customers and maintain that condition for longer. Your meat and poultry will show:

  • A fresher, juicy appearance without excess moisture
  • Reduced re-wraps, discolouration and wastage
  • Reduced sweating, drying and cracking
  • Less weight-loss of unwrapped meat
  • Less odour and better flavour
  • More satisfied and repeat customers