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Do you run large commercial coolers and want to reduce energy costs and product shrinkage? Coolertech have products that deliver these results.

Energy costs and product loss of chilled perishables are major drains on everyone’s P&L. Coolertech have a range of products that will boost the performance of your commercial refrigerator.

What it is…

Coolertech’s commercial filters are comprised of safe, all natural minerals contained in finely perforated metal casings. They require no electricity, have no moving parts and work 24 hours a day. The casings adhere to the side or ceiling of a cooler meaning no loss of storage space. Coolertech will assess and install the initial filters and be responsible for maintaining and exchanging them for over time, they ‘load up’ diminishing effectiveness. Filter change-outs are required about every 8 weeks and will involve no downtime or input from you or your staff.
Whether you are just trying to reduce electricity spend or you have odor or stock longevity concerns, there are various mineral blends to suit your application.

What it does…

The filters improve the performance of walk-in chillers and large coldstores. They do not replace the need for good equipment and servicing, but they will help any cooling system that is in place, function far more efficiently.
The filters remove excess moisture, odours and gases like Ethylene, helping your chiller perform it’s roles of cooling and preservation far better. If you want to know more about how the filters work

- Providing your customers with better, fresher products and increasing your bottom line. -