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Employer & Company Benefits

Employer & Company Benefits

As well as the quantifiable overheads, business managers have to control ‘big picture’ costs and process improvements. At least in respect to your coldstore operations, Coolertech can assist.

Increasingly in today’s competitive labour market, delivering a desirable work environment for staff is an essential business element. Coolertech can help managers with personnel working in refrigerated environments.



  • Provides a drier, cleaner, more pleasant work environment for people working in coolers
  • Decreases misfortune and costs resulting from slip accidents due to wet and slippery cooler surfaces
  • Saves labour hours by reducing chiller clean out frequency
  • Lessens mould build up and removes strong odours

Free moisture build-up and slippery work surfaces are a potentially disastrous combination

Bad food and product odours don’t create a pleasant work environment for valuable staff.

A clear correlation between the introduction of Coolertech filters and a corresponding reduction in water humidity.