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Freighting, Medical and Other

If you’re a cold-freight specialist or one of the myriad of other businesses that run commercial coolers and freezers – then installing Coolertech filters will reduce your running costs and provide many ancillary benefits.

Coolertech has helped coldstore operators improve their performance and profitability across diverse applications including:

  • Refrigerated transportation and storage
  • Distribution centres and warehousing
  • Produce housing
  • Shipping and reefers
  • Hospitals, medical clinics and pharmaceutical companies
  • Catering & event venues
  • Hotels & casinos
  • Airlines, resthomes and commercial canteens

How Coolertech filters can help…

Coolertech can customise filter solutions to boost the cold-storage component of your operation.
Improvments are possible for your coldstore in these areas:

Significant electricity savings

Equipment and maintenance savings

  • Reduces compressor run time and defrost cycles – directly resulting in less power consumption
  • Thermostats can be increased whilst maintaining original temperatures
  • Can be used to demonstrate Energy Efficiency and Carbon Footprint Reduction initiatives
  • Reduces free moisture build-up and icing on grilles and static parts
  • Reduces service costs by lessening machinery workload and runtime
  • Extends equipment lifespan

Improved stock quality

Employer and company benefits

  • Increases the storage life of perishables by up to 120%
  • Reduces the transfer of odours between mixed food types stored in the same fridge
  • Can be used to demonstrate positive food safety initiatives (HACCP plan)
  • Provides a drier, cleaner, more pleasant work environment for people working in coolers daily
  • Decreases misfortune and costs resulting from slip accidents due to wet and slippery cooler surfaces – can be used to demonstrate positive OSH initiatives

Illustration case – Lee Memorial Hospital…

The Maintenance & Engineering staff at Lee Memorial Hospital were offered Coolertech filters to improve the performance of the various coldstores under their control (both food prep and medical). Thinking their refrigeration systems were running adequately, they were surprised to receive feedback from operational staff claiming significant improvements after just two weeks product trial.

Medical staff reported:

Kitchen staff reported:

  • Less odour in the blood, plasma and urine specimen store fridges
  • Specimen labels holding and with better ink clarity
  • Colder temperatures and less condensation inside tissue, vaccine and pharmaceutical fridges
  • Produce and greens staying ‘market fresh’ significantly longer
  • Less mixed-food odour despite still storing multiple items in one cooler
  • No need to perform a defrost and clean out since the new filters were installed

What operational staff weren’t able to see were the sizable power savings made once Coolertech filters were fully installed throughout Lee Memorial Hospital. These savings alone, more than compensated for the additional filter cost.

Stock preservation and cooler performance…

While fridges are used to store innumerable different products, fundamentally their purpose is to preserve perishables. The shelf life of chilled perishables is generally shortened when any of these events occur:

  1. Contamination or bacterial growth is allowed
  2. Air humidity is excessively wet or dry
  3. The desired temperature raises or fluctuates
  4. Stock is subjected to too much of a particular gas (eg, CO2 or Ethylene)

By controlling these negative influences you will improve stock preservation significantly.
All refrigerators regardless of what they are storing, diminish in performance when laboured with excess humidity and due to their confined nature, often harbour mould and bad odour. Additionally, larger coolers in particular can suffer from free moisture and ice build up, frosting of evaporator coils and overworked machinery resulting in maintenance costs, higher power consumption and more downtime for defrosts and cleaning.