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Hotels and Restaurants

The hospitality industry see’s operators come and go. The smarter ones who make money and last, run the back end of their businesses with precision. Improving refrigeration performance is one small aspect that contributes to the overall success of a good operator.

Coolertech filters help restaurant and bar managers lower running costs, extend stock shelf-life, reduce wastage and improve food hygiene. There’s a lot of science behind it but in brief, here’s how you can gain:

Problem humidity…

Whether it be from frequently opened fridge doors, poor seals, introduction of warm product or a generally hot and humid environment – excess moisture inside your bar or kitchen fridge has several negative effects.
Firstly, it will make the cooling system work overtime to maintain the set temperature, increasing power consumption, machine wear and maintenance costs.
Secondly, humidity promotes bacteria growth and food decay undermining the very reason for investing in expensive cooling equipment.

Competitive advantage…

Chefs are busy people so anything that will deliver more free time and improve kitchen performance is worth looking at. And even the best chef dosen’t know when patron numbers are going to be up or down, so maximizing perishable stock life will reduce wastage and save re-orders and buying trips. Couple this with the cost savings from reduced power consumption, compressor maintenance and cleaning downtime, makes installing Coolertech filters an easy way to keep a competitive advantage

How Coolertech filters can help…

Coolertech filters remove excess moisture and help your fridge system work far better, improving food quality and significantly reducing your running costs.

Improved food quality

Significant electricity savings

  • Increases the storage life of foods by up to 120%
  • Lessens growth and spread of bacteria
  • Reduces the transfer of odours between mixed food types stored in the same fridge
  • Can be used to demonstrate positive food safety initiatives (HACCP plan)
  • Reduces compressor run time and defrost cycles – directly resulting in less power consumption
  • Thermostats can be increased whilst maintaining original temperatures
  • Can be used to demonstrate Energy Efficiency and Carbon Footprint Reduction initiatives

Equipment and maintenance savings

Employer and company benefits

  • Reduces free moisture build-up and icing on grilles and static parts
  • Reduces service costs by lessening machinery workload and runtime
  • Extends equipment lifespan
  • Saves labour hours by reducing stocktake and re-order frequency
  • Saves labour hours by reducing chiller clean out frequency
  • Provides a drier, cleaner, more pleasant work environment for people working in coolers daily