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How it Works


How It Works

By removing excess moisture and air-borne contaminants from the air inside your refrigerator you’ll create a far better storage environment and your fridge will work more efficiently. The proprietary minerals in Coolertech filters do exactly this.

The Product

  • What it is
  • How it works
  • What it does

What it is…

Coolertech filters can improve the performance of virtually any coldstore facility. This is achieved by using desiccant minerals to passively filter the cooled air. Extensive research has produced a unique filter that is both effective and economical. Coolertech have developed different formulas of blended minerals to suit various applications with the primary ingredient being a natural mineral called Zeolite.

Zeolite’s unique and useful adsorbent characteristics make it widely used in many commercial applications throughout the world. In either it’s natural or synthetic form, some of the more common applications for zeolite include

  • Filtrating municipal water supplies
  • Cleansing harmful airborne industrial chemicals & pollutants
  • A softening agent in detergents
  • A desiccant where situations require moisture removed

How it works…

The mineral mix developed by Coolertech has a huge interior surface area that, when looked at under a microscope resembles honeycomb pores. It also has a natural negative ionic (electrical) charge, while water, odour, and gas molecules have a positive charge. Since opposites attract, the filter mineral actually pulls and holds these molecules within the honeycomb framework. Because the mineral composition remains unchanged while straining ions from other elements, it absorbs rather than absorbs. Zeolites, in particular, are some of the most efficient ion exchangers known today and coupled with their huge molecular storage area, makes them the perfect passive filter media.

What it does…

When a Coolertech filter is placed in a refrigerated environment it will:

  • Adsorb and desorb moisture (up to 50% it’s own weight)
  • Adsorb and trap contaminated air-borne particles (ie, odours and bacteria)
  • Adsorb and trap harmful gases – particularly ethylene but also pectin and oxides

The direct results of this are:

  • Significant electricity savings
  • Improved food and stock quality
  • Valuable plant and machinery savings
  • Various other commercial benefits

Market sectors filters can be used in

  • Domestic Fridge
  • Supermarkets and Grocers
  • Wholesalers and manufacturers
  • Retailers
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Butchers and Meat Processors
  • Produce Houses and Florists
  • Feight and medical