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Produce Houses and Florists

Everyone loves fresh fruit and beautiful flowers. Unfortunately, most plant matter is fragile and deteriorates quickly after harvest. Coolertech helps florists and produce dealers extend shelf-life, reduce wastage and sell more – adding serious dollars to the owners’ bottom line.

Coolertech filters will keep your fruits, vegetables and flowers fresh and desirable for a longer time and can help if you have produce or flower stock showing any of these symptoms:

Fruit & Vegetables


  • Easy bruising
  • Mould or fungus growth on fruit surface
  • Early ripening, wilting or drying
  • Stems and leaves not staying crisp and fresh
  • Loss of bright and true colours
  • Moisture damage and stock loss
  • Sleepiness, drooping and wilting of flowers and leaves
  • Poor or premature opening of flowers
  • Curling and discolouration of petals
  • Roses developing slimy mildew inside the petals or browning edges
  • Fewer repeat customers than you expect

Ethylene removal…

The number one enemy in the produce and floral industry is an odorless, colourless, naturally-occurring gas called Ethylene. Ethylene is produced by plants to regulate growth and development but in abundance it accelerates the aging of produce and flowers ruining fruit, leaves, petals, stems and colours. Aging and damaged plants then give off even more gas, accelerating the decay process further and triggering decay early in young, healthy plants and produce. It’s like breathing your own carbon dioxide exhale. Too much carbon dioxide will kill a person, and Ethylene gas will do the same thing to a plant.
Coolertech filters remove Ethylene gas dramatically extending the life of fruit, vegetables and cut flowers giving you a better looking product longer shelf life to maximise sales opportunities.

Respiration and climate control…

Flowers and produce also have high respiration rates. Even after harvest, they continue to breathe, consuming oxygen and producing carbon dioxide in a process called respiration. Slowing the respiration rate will extend the life of your stock.
Controlled refrigeration is cruical to keep fruit, vegetables and flowers looking ‘garden fresh’. The optimum temperature for storage of different fruits and vegetables varies, but 0-4 oC with a relative humidity level of 85-95% is generally an ideal environment. This temperature/humidity combination lowers respiration and transpiration of the plant. It also slows growth of fungus and production of ethylene – components that can shorten the shelf life of good stock if left unchecked.
Using Coolertech filters will help your refrigeration system maintain target climate conditions more efficiently.