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There’s no doubt retailing is a competitive and highly refined industry. Slim mark-ups don’t leave a lot of room to recover ever-increasing overheads. If you sell refrigerated commodities, Coolertech filters will help reduce your overheads and increase your profit margin.

Everyone knows fridges work best with the door shut and sealed. Unfortunately in retailing, frequent access by customers and staff and the use of open display stores results in warm, humid air constantly being introduced, which leaves your fridge motor working overtime in an attempt to maintain the set chill temperature.

Problem humidity

Dry air is far easier and more economical to cool than moist air. Warm, moist air can infiltrate your fridge interior via:


  • Frequently opened doors
  • Poor seals
  • Introduction of warm product
  • A generally hot and humid environment

Excess humidity inside your fridge or freezer can mean the cooling system is running nearly constantly. This heavy workload wears the machinery and pushes up power and maintenance costs.

Coolertech filters will remove excess moisture and help your fridge system work far better, improving storage quality and significantly reducing your running costs.

How Coolertech filters can help…

Significant electricity savings

Equipment and maintenance savings

  • Reduces compressor run time and defrost cycles – directly resulting in less power consumption
  • Thermostats can be increased whilst maintaining original temperatures
  • Can be used to demonstrate Energy Efficiency and Carbon Footprint Reduction initiatives
  • Reduces free moisture build-up and icing on grilles and static parts
  • Reduces service costs by lessening machinery workload and runtime
  • Extends equipment lifespan

Improved food quality

Employer and company benefits

  • Increases the storage life of foods by up to 90%
  • Reduces the transfer of odours between mixed food types stored in the same fridge
  • Provides a drier, cleaner, more pleasant work environment for people working in coolers daily
  • Decreases misfortune and costs resulting from slip accidents due to wet and slippery cooler surfaces – can be used to demonstrate positive OSH initiatives