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Supermarkets and Grocers

At the upper echelon of retailing, supermarket managers administer big numbers. Good operators know any initiative that creates even a small percentage improvement in revenue or costs, will have a big effect on the bottom line.

It’s simple; Improve stock quality, increase sales. Reduce waste, improve profit.
Coolertech filters help perishable category managers lower running costs, extend shelf-life, reduce wastage and sell more – significantly improving store performance.

Prolong produce life

If your flower, fruit and vegetable stock is in prime condition, you will sell more. And if it can be kept this way for longer, then a bigger timeframe is available to do so. In turn, this will lead to reduced stock shrinkage, trim-loss and spoil wastage. Coolertech’s proprietary filters achieve this by effectively straining the air, trapping and removing the elements that contribute to plant ripening and deterioration.
They remove Ethylene gas which is the main culprit in accelerating plant decay. A naturally-occuring but harmful gas, Ethylene accelerates the aging process ruining flesh, skins, leaves and petals. Aging and damaged plants then give off more gas, hastening the decay process even further and triggering decay early in fresh, healthy stock, so minimising Ethylene exposure is key.
The filters also maintain an ideal humidity level to prevent dehydration and slow the respiration rate promoting the shelf life of your stock. Refrigerated fruit and vegetables will ripen at a slower, more controlled rate lessening your labour costs in time spent trimming, cleaning and replacing damaged stock.


Fish is even more perishable than meat and so many of the same principles in maintaining good chilled meat quality apply to fresh fish. Using Coolertech filters in conjunction with clean packing ice, will achieve the essential temperature and humidity levels required to prolong the life of seafood.
Your stock will display bright, glossy colours, firm and resilient flesh and obtrusive odours will be diminished. Naturally, these benefits will help you sell more and increase precious days of good stock life.

Sustain meat and poultry quality

The rapid perishing of meat is due to its high protein, fat and water content. To control decay, chilled meat requires Category 7 Storage Climate Conditions (SCC VII) being, particular temperature, humidity and ventilation conditions. Maximum storage life and best possible meat quality are primarily achieved by maintaining the correct chill temperature and air moisture content. Ideally, the chill temperature should be between 0-2°C with a relative humidity of 80-85% – conditions which Coolertech filters help deliver.
Chilled meat is also highly sensitive to foreign odours and absorbs them quickly so extracting odours from your cold-store is essential for delivering quality product. Coolertech filters strain the air, trapping and removing large odorous particles. The net result is a drier, crisper, colder environment, free of odour and perfectly suited to meat preservation.

Using Coolertech filters, your meat and poultry will show:
  • A fresher, juicy appearance without excess moisture
  • Reduced sweating, drying and cracking
  • Less discolouration and wastage
  • Maintained weight of unpacked meat and small goods
  • Lower labour spend on re-wrapping and waste trimming
  • Less odour and better flavour
  • More satisfied and repeat customers

Competitive Advantage…

Grocery operations can be fiercely competitive and run on tight margins. Coolertech filters will improve your cold store performance and prolong the time your perishables stay fresh and saleable. Every operator will make more profit if they have better looking produce that lasts longer; especially when this is coupled with significant savings in refrigeration wear and power costs.