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Wholesalers and Manufacturers

If you run coldrooms 24 hours, 7 days a week then it is likely that energy costs are a significant part of your monthly overhead bill. Plus, as a manufacturer or volume wholesaler there’s usually a raft of parameters to control that influence product quality. Coolertech filters offer real benefits in these large-scale operations.

Coolertech has been able to help a myriad of manufacturers and wholesalers improve identified weak points in their production and cold-chain procesess. And often, there have been ancillary improvements in areas that were previously believed to be performing satisfactorily.

Performance improvements…

Coolertech can customise filter solutions to control particular refrigeration elements that may be hampering your operation. Significant improvments are possible if your coldstore has issues such as:


  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Excess humidity and moisture damage
  • Stock damage in storage or transit
  • Ethylene gas and produce ripening control
  • Strong odour or transfer between product types
  • Bacteria and mould growth
  • Free moisture build-up and icing
  • Lengthy time to reach core chill temperature
  • Insufficient output capacity
  • High power consumption

Illustration case – Tulip Meats Ltd…

An established manufacturer of small meat goods, Tulip identified several facets of their chiller operation that they wanted to improve on. Targets were to:

Coolertech filters were installed in both the post-cook and post-production chillers and monitored for change. The following results were documented:

  • Decrease post-cook chill-time
  • Increase production capacity
  • Eliminate excess moisture
  • Improve stock storage conditions
  • Bacon and ham chill-time times slashed 50-70%
  • Product weight-loss reduced
  • Production output increased
  • Free moisture build-up and associated bacteria risk eliminated
  • 20% saving on refrigeration energy costs

Needless to say, with the additional filter costs being less than 1c per kilogram of goods produced, management staff were thrilled with the results achieved.

How Coolertech filters can help…

Coolertech will work with you to get your refrigeration system working more effectively, improve storage & transit quality and reduce your running costs.

Significant electricity savings
Equipment and maintenance savings
  • Reduces compressor run time and defrost cycles – directly resulting in less power consumption
  • Thermostats can be increased whilst maintaining original temperatures
  • Can be used to demonstrate Energy Efficiency and Carbon Footprint Reduction initiatives
  • Reduces free moisture build-up and icing on grilles and static parts
  • Reduces service costs by lessening machinery workload and runtime
  • Extends equipment lifespan
Improved food quality
Employer and company benefits
  • Increases the storage life of foods by up to 120%
  • Reduces the transfer of odours between mixed food types stored in the same fridge
  • Can be used to demonstrate positive food safety initiatives (HACCP plan)
  • Provides a drier, cleaner, more pleasant work environment for people working in coolers daily
  • Decreases misfortune and costs resulting from slip accidents due to wet and slippery cooler surfaces – can be used to demonstrate positive OSH initiatives